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Create Your Vibes with Unique Neon Light !

Type. Design. Order.

We can help you to create your own custom LED Neon Sign in less than 5 minutes using our highly intuitive tool. Also you will receive your desired neon sign creation within 5-9 business days.

Bring your imagination to life, let's see how it works!

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Input the Text

Enter the content you want to create.

Select the Font

Choose from our wide range of fonts.

Adjust the Size

To fit the environment in which it is placed.

Select the Color

Choose your favorite from a variety of colors.

Select the Backboard Shape

To fit better with the rest of the design or the surroundings.

Preview the Mockup

Preview the design you've created.

Order Confirmed

Your design will be confirmed within one business day.

Neon Sign Production

Our skilled craftsmen will complete the production within three working days.

Order Delivered

You will receive your neon sign creation within three to five business days.

Why Choose Us?

Easy to Install

Each sign comes with an installation kit, simply hang your sign in its desired location, as you would a picture frame, and plug it in!

Doesn't Get Warm

95% of the energy consumed by LEDs is transformed into light and only 5% into heat. Which means your sign will never get hot.


Each of our signs comes with a 1 year guarantee and is insured during transport. You can rest easy knowing that we have your back!

Dimmable Brightness

Trying to set the mood? With our dimmable signs you can decide just how bright you want the sign to be.

Extra Resistant

Our LED neon signs are made of flexible tubing. Unlike traditional neon signs our signs are virtually indestructible, you don’t have to worry about it breaking.

Low Energy Consumption

Our LED neon signs are 80% more efficient than traditional neon signs. Meaning you can enjoy your sign without worrying about the bill.

Custom Made

Premium Quality

100% On Time

12 Months Warranty